Friday, November 14, 2014


It's been a personally and professionally crazy week or two.  I am in the process of changing careers, and the weather has been changing, and I have to get back in a rhythm!

Last week was decent.  I got into the gym 3 times, and had a good run on Saturday.   I ended up doing 11.35 miles at a 10:05/mile pace.  This week I have ran ZERO times, and have only been in the gym once.  I can feel the difference in my body, and feel gross!  BUT I got a Garmin 910xt, so I see a short jog in my future today :)

Time to get to it!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A consistent weekend

Another week is flying by, and I'm thankful that my workouts are staying routine.  I had great strength workouts on Wednesday and Friday last week, with a rest day in between on Thursday.  I figured I needed to include a rest day each week, and Thursday typically will be that day.  

Saturday I jogged 7.75 miles and Sunday I did 4.5, both days finishing at a 9:36 per mile pace.  It was quicker than I had intended to go, but I had a hard time slowing myself down!

I like my routine.  I'm hoping I stay consistent with it throughout the fall, building strength and toning my body.  Lord knows it needs it!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Running in the rain with Tom

Just a fun picture from a recent Saturday morning jog in the rain with my friend Tom Rudy, taken by our friend Harold Myers.  Tom looks WAY too happy!

Time to drop lb's and prepare for two 13.1's!

After the Keller Sprint, my focus now is on strengthening my body, trimming up, and building a stronger run.  My next 2 events will be two half-marathons.  The first is Run The Line in Texarkana on Feb 15, then Cowtown two weeks later on March 1. 
Last week I did weights twice and jogged on Tuesday evening.  
Over the weekend I had my strongest back-to-back run days to this point.  Saturday morning a handful of us jogged some trails, which is something I've never done!  It was different, but great for my legs!  We did right around 7 miles overall, finishing with an average pace just over 13 minutes per mile.  
Sunday I planned on doing only 7-8 miles.  As we got into the beginning of the run, I decided I'd do 10 miles with Harold so he wasn't by himself.  I felt great up until around 8.6 miles, then hit a wall!  From 8.6 to around 9.3 were VERY tough for me.  Anytime I run, no matter the distance, I jog 9 minutes and then walk 1.  During that span on Sunday, I walked for 30-40 seconds 2 extra times! I got it back together and finished up, and ended up averaging 10:58/mile for the 10 miles.  Not too shabby for all that work.

My plan for the next few months is to do 2 shorter and quicker runs during the week, as well as 2-3 strength workouts, then some longer and slower jogs on the weekends.  So far, this week has been good as I had a great workout with weights Monday, then a strong jog for me today on Tuesday.  I did 2 miles.  Ended up averaging 8:22/mile for the whole 2 miles.  I was at 1.07 miles at the 9 minute mark, then had my walk, then averaged 7:46/mile pace for the rest of the run.  Great progress to build on!

Oh, and on a side note, I weighed 211.6 last week, and I'm going to work on getting that number down to 190 or under by the time Feb 15, 2015 gets here.  I have been better watching what I'm eating, cut back on the beer, and gotten back to a more regular workout regimen.  That plus some determination will get me there.  I can already feel a difference over the past week.  That's another great thing to build upon!

Monster Keller Sprint Triathlon

This race I only did so that I could do the same one my kiddos did.  I hadn't trained much over the past couple of months, and certainly haven't been on my bike enough.  I really enjoyed getting to do this race with my stepson Lance.  We weren't numbered together, but we started next to each other 5 seconds apart anyway.  In fact, the picture of the pool below is Lance and I both, in lanes next to each other.  
I started off feeling great and with a good rhythm in the water.  I wasn't in a hurry in T1, and got out on the bike ok.  It was 300 yards in the pool, 12 miles on the bike, then a 3.1 mile jog.  Around mile 3 of the hilly bike I was pushing hard up a hill and felt my left quad knot up.  I just eased up and took it easy from there, coasting through the rest of the ride and the run.  You'll see how I felt in one of the run pictures that my wife took as I came out of T2!  
All in all, it was a fun event, and very meaningful for our family!  

So proud!

My 3 kids all did their first kids triathlon in Keller, TX on October 18.  I can't even describe how fun it was to watch or just how proud of each of them I am!  They all had a great time, were challenged some, and want to do another one before next summer.  An added bonus was that their cousin Makenzie did it with them, too.  Then on Sunday my oldest stepson Lance did his first sprint triathlon!  He looked so natural and at ease doing everything, and learned a lot along the way.  Kelly and I had so much fun getting to watch the 4 of them, and I especially enjoyed doing the same race as Lance!  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A new journey within the journey

It's been awhile, but it's time to get back to recording some of my life.  The main reason for this is my recent signing up for Ironman Chattanooga 2015!  The race day will be September 27.  

Mostly for myself, I wanted to track what this next year looks like---thoughts, workouts, challenges, etc---so I could look back over it and get a glimpse once it's behind me.  

I'm excited AND nervous.  History dictates that I'll do my workouts and be ready.  I JUST WANT TO FINISH BY MIDNIGHT!  I JUST WANT TO HEAR MY NAME CALLED!

There are over 20 people from Team Jackass signed up.  That will be great for all of us as we prepare and train together.  That will be a HUGE blessing for me over the next 12 months.

My first workouts post-sign up were a 15 mile ride at 17.7mph Sat and then a 4 mile easy jog at 10:33/mile pace this morning.  I just want to log some easy base miles over the next few months, then 6 months from race time we will hit it hard with a specific plan.

Either way, here we go....

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A few other thoughts from Four States

Hats off to first timers!  Mark "Crash" Sutherland and Neal Kiser.  A huge accomplishment and learning experience for both, I'm sure.  But I have great respect for anybody that sets a goal and then sees it through.  Great job, fellas.

My swim sucked, but the highlight of it was staying paced with one of my favorite people, Mike Jones.  He will quickly tell you that he is not happy about the way this worked out, and also blame me for "buoygate".....

I respect the Wooley G's for their hard work and how well they travel and perform, but I HATE seeing 30 people from another club come here and take the hardware home when we have some great Jackasses that could have kept more of it here!  I hope next year that WE are the best represented club out there.  It's our home race, and I think that's how it should be!

Note to self, next time don't load up on Gu chomps and put my wetsuit on and feel overheated with a racing heart.  Learning experience...

Monty Murry is a force to be reckoned with.  I love that guy.

Mark Sutherland will be a force to be reckoned with in these events VERY soon.

Tri people are great people.  I love the support, encouragement, stories, and attitudes that come with events like these.  I always meet great new people and see familiar faces that I enjoy!

I hope everyone else thanks volunteers along the way.  These things don't happen without them.  It's the little things....

And finally, Mike Riley puts a lot of hard work and effort into putting on a GREAT race, year after year, and I sure do appreciate and respect that man.  Thanks Cap'n!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Pics from Four States Tri 2014

Four States Tri 2014 Results

Hard to feel good about improvement...

Well, my second Four States Tri came and went on Sunday, and needless to say, I was not very excited with how I did overall.

Backing up to the days leading up to it, I didn't run Thursday due to weather.  Then I did a good weights workout on Friday.  Saturday, I had an easy ride and run with Neal Kiser, my kids' stepdad.  We rode just over 12 miles at just under 16.5mph pace, then I ran a mile at 8:11.  My only goal was to not be sore Sunday morning.  (A big congrats to Neal for completing his first triathlon!  What a great accomplishment!)

Ever since finishing Galveston, I have had a very tough time firing my competitive engine!  Everything was so endurance-focused, that my speed hasn't been a priority.  That has become more evident to me, and definitely showed itself to be true on Sunday.

That morning, I took some Gu chomps after putting my wetsuit on, and from then on, I felt uncomfortable and warm, and had a tough time controlling my heart rate, although I wasn't nervous in the least.  I think the combination on being warm and the caffeine loading into my system proved to be a problem!  So I could never get into my rhythm with my swim stroke, and ultimately slowly side stroked and back stroked my way through the swim.  Crappy and slow, yet faster than my swim last year!  The bike was better than last year, and my run slower than the first one.  I didn't feel like I was trying very much, and could never get a fire lit under me.  I also started feeling a cramp coming on in my left hammy at mile one of the run, leading to 3 or 4 45-50 second walks over the last two miles.

Funny crappy as I felt and as unmotivated as I was, I still beat last year's time (where I was racing hard) by 5 seconds...and beating that time was my ONLY goal!

The bright spot for me in this tri was that it was my first that I had Kelly, my 3 kids, and my parents all there in attendance watching.  I often think about the fact that I can do NONE of this without the love, support, and encouragement of my family.  Having them there made what would have been an otherwise ho-hum kind of a day into a very special one for me!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ready for round 2

The Four States Triathlon is this upcoming Sunday, and my goal is to beat my time from last year.

I got up Monday to ride for 45-50 minutes at 6:30am, but it was sprinkling, so my plans changed!  I waited until after work and got me a good weights workout in, followed by a crappy swim workout.  I felt out of rhythm, and only ended up doing 500 yards overall, in increments of 50 and 100 yards.

Today, I got another good weights workout in, but then followed it with a much better swim.  Looking back, my pace for the swim in the Four States was 2:33/100 yards.  So today, I just wanted to time myself, but do 2x200 yards warmup, 5x100 yard sprints with 30 seconds between each, then a very easy 200 cool down.  The first 200 warmup I did nice and slow, and was just under a 2:00/100 pace.  The second warmup 200 had the same result.  I then did my 100's at 1:39, 1:40, 1:40, 1:41, 1:41.  That's great improvement for me.  I tried to go REALLY slow for my cool down, but still did the 200 in 3:53, again, under the 2:00/100 pace.

Overall, it was a good workout day for me, and definitely a confidence builder for my swim Sunday.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Been too long

The past two weeks have been highly unproductive from a training standpoint.  That first week since I last posted, I got into the gym twice, the second time with a 20-minute spin before and a short 1.5 mile jog right after.  It felt good to get some strength work in, and I know I will be better for it in the long term.

Last weekend I was fishing with my dad and some family/friends.  I did manage a 4 mile jog while I was there! 

This whole week I have been battling a cold and sinus issues.  My energy levels have been terrible, and it wasn't until Thursday that I was finally able to go get a workout in, hitting the gym for my best strength workout to date.  I debated about whether I should ride with the guys Saturday, but ended up going.  I rode 40.5 miles at a 16.75 pace.  I skipped the jog, as I felt COMPLETELY wiped out after.  Probably not the best move to ride, but with Four States Tri coming next weekend, I HAD to get out on the bike.  I will get me a jog in today after church, and then this week will be full of hard, quick workouts in preparation for next Sunday!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The week in review

I'll tell ya...all of the work before Galveston is catching up with me!  I've been tired and a little sore this week.  And I have been battling a tight left hammy.  No bueno.

So Monday night I went to a presentation about heart rate monitoring and its use in training.  I learned a lot, but mainly learned that I need to get the freaking thing out of the box!

So Tuesday I set out on a 3 mile jog, WITH my heart rate monitor on.  I had prepared a pretty chaotic mix of jogging/running/walking, mainly to see where my heart rate was at different stages of my jog.  No doubts it was quite an idiotic plan.  I ended up doing 3.1 miles at an overall pace of 9:36/mile.  It was actually a really tough run, as I ended up walking no more than a tenth of a mile 3 times, jogged around 9:00/mile, and also ran around 7:15/mile.  OUCH!  My heart rate monitor mainly told me that I need to get my ass in better shape!

I took off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to allow my new tattoos to better heal. 

This morning I rode 31.5 miles overall.  I ended up at a 18.5mph pace as an average.  Then I jogged 1.5 miles at an 8:48/mile pace.

My back and hamstring are both pretty sore, so I am thinking that tomorrow will be a rest day.  I also realize that I need tot be better about weights/strength and core work.  I MUST be more diligent about that!

Getting closer to 4 States!!!  It will be very tough to actually beat my time from last year, but I am determined to find ways to do it!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A good ride and then a good cause

Terry and I were going to not ride on Friday so our legs could be fresher for our 10k on Saturday, but the weather was just way too beautiful to not get out there.  We did our normal loop, and I ended up with 22.75 miles at a 17.05 pace.  We rode easy, and actually still ended up riding a little harder than we wanted to.  We had intended on just getting out to enjoy the sunshine, not pressing at all.

Yesterday was the first Laces of Grace 5k/10k.  Laces of Grace is a fantastic organization founded by our friends Matt and Corey Graves that provided new shoes to children and adults who otherwise couldn't afford them.  There were around 100 runners for this first one, and the money raised will help buy around 200 pairs of shoes to distribute.

I had debated between the 5k and 10k, but ended up settling on the 10k.  My goals were to be under 9:15 pace, and start working to eliminate the 9/1 method I've jogged with up to this point.  Overall, I was pleased with my run.  If I would have done the 5k, I would have won my age group.  Doing the 10k, I didn't.  I didn't expect to.  The age groups were done in 10 year increments, and there were a few strong runners in mine.  It's one of those days where the race was only against myself and my goals, not about medals.  I took the first of the two loops pretty quick.  The only walking I did was about 10 seconds through each of the two water stations for a quick drink.  My legs were tight and sore starting out.  Heck, I haven't really taken any break since Galveston to rest and recover from the training the past few months!  I made the turn for the second loop, and soreness was setting in.  I was probably close to just under an 8:30/mile pace for the first loop.  There was no was I would be maintaining this.  I slowed it down the second loop.  I did the same walking through the aid stations, and added a 45 second walk about midway through this loop.  The result was a 52:32 and much better than the 9:15/mile pace I was trying to stay under.

First 10k in the books, and both goals accomplished.  Time to enjoy a beautiful Easter Sunday now!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When the numbers don't tell the whole story...

Had a good ride today with my man Harold.  We took off early this evening, and I got in 22.5 miles at 17.64 miles per hour.  When you factor in going slow through neighborhoods and then a pretty decent headwind the last half of the ride, we actually rode better and harder than the numbers show.

I'm finding that my legs are feeling stronger and stronger.  I hope that is a trend that continues!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Galveston 70.3 Results

Galveston 70.3 pics

Getting stronger

It was a good weekend overall.  Saturday, I rode with the Team Jackass fellas, and I had my strongest overall ride ever.  Honestly, I was nervous about riding hard with these guys less than a week after completing more than my body has ever done, but my desire to get better trumps any fear of failure I possess. 

We ended up riding 28.6 miles.  It was a hard ride.  Tough.  Some strong riders there.  But I kept up the entire time.  Heck, last year, this kind of ride is one I'd have gotten dropped from the pack on.  We averaged 20.3mph for the ride.  No stops.  No breaks.  Just a long hard ride.

Then today my goal was to have a 30 minute jog at an easy pace overall.  My legs are SORE.  But no stopping!  On my jog, I wanted to do two things.  The first was to have negative splits, meaning I got quicker as the jog went on.  The second was to do 30 minutes of continuous jogging without any walking.  I was glad to accomplish both goals!

No running or riding tomorrow, though.  My legs are quite sore!

Time to raise the bar.....

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So in reality...

So in reality, I sucked ass in Galveston.  I should have been MUCH better than I was.  BUT, it was my first one, and terrible swim conditions, and I lost ALL hydration and nutrition, so I will take it.  I definitely did not set the bar very high.

I did wake up Monday morning realizing that if I got through that swim, I can do ANYTHING, and I have ZERO doubts that I can finish the 140.6 in Chattanooga in September 2015.  I'm all in!

So today was the first day I have exercised since Sunday.  I rode with Terry and Harold, 19.33 miles, 17.4mph.  Truthfully, I felt GREAT!  My hamstrings were a tad tight, but I felt great overall, and had plenty of juice for our ride.

I went to the gym after that and got in the water to swim.  Just did a few 100's and a few 50's.  Nice and easy.  Best form I have EVER had.  No frog kicking whatsoever.  A small but great victory in regards to progress!

I followed that up with 15 minutes of good strength and core work.  I badly need to drop some pounds, and trim up my middle, and today seemed like the perfect day to start working on it!

All in all, a great day!

Time to step it up and get serious...

Race Report

Here is what I sent the Team Jackass folks that I train with---

Well, guess I feel responsible for a race report, so here it goes:

After waking up in a king bed with the Cajun Coonass, we got ready to head over.  I decided for one last quick emptying of the bladder before we left, and when zipping up my onesie I just bought from da judge, the zipper broke.  I think this was intentional as some sort of hazing...just sayin

We got over, got bikes and transition ready, then met up with Dusty and walked over to watch the pros take off.  I was amazed that I felt no nerves, just ready to go.

My swim wave took off at 7:35am.  Water felt good, I wasn't cold.  Just ready to go.  We took off, and by the first buoy I had swallowed three gulps of salt water and my goggles were quite foggy.  Still, no panic, just moving forward.  Within 5-7 minutes, 3 other guys from my wave had asked to be pulled out and quit.  It was at this point I had definitely decided I'd rather die than quit.  I didn't get a sore ass on my trainer and ride in 40 degree weather all winter to go out like that.  After 6 yellow buoys and a red one, I got to stop fighting the current and make a left turn.  I wasn't actually swimming, I was persevering.  I was quite nauseous by the middle of the orange buoys.  I puked no less than 6 times, lost everything I had in me, and my stomach was BADLY cramping.  I had the pleasure to meet about 3 other people who were in the same situation, and we should have gotten volunteer shirts at the end for our assistance to the other people actually out there swimming.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I got out of the damn water, undoubtedly looking like a lost zombie, and slowly walked to transition.

On my way in, I see Harold, who I'm pretty sure thought I was dead by now, since it took me over an hour and 20 minutes to get out of the water.  I went over to my bike and got ready, and started trying to get nutrition back in me.  Still felt very nauseous.  I'll tell you right now that I was not able to eat, or even look at, any remotely solid food until well after the finish.

Got on my bike, and kept drinking.  Spent the first 1/3 of my bike getting my bearings back. 

Stopped 4-5 times on the bike.  Once to pee, the others to stretch and give my butt a break.  Actually had a good comfortable pace riding, and got stronger as the ride went on. 

Got back in off the bike, and headed out to the run.  Felt good.  Plan was to jog between aid stations, and walk through them to hydrate and get any nutrition.  Felt good the first of there loops.  Second time around I was starting to feel my legs trying to cramp, and last loop was strictly cramp management. 

Either way, I finished, and that was my ONLY goal.  Huge accomplishment for this ole boy. 

The best part of my day though was after I was done, knowing that Dusty was still out there and rocking along.  Seeing him out there, last man on the course (like a true Jackass), and cheering him on down the stretch and at the finish was awesome.

All in all, a tough day, but a great day...

Sorry this was long!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Game time!

It's almost time!!  This time tomorrow, I should be a half-ironman!  Lol.

The forecast has been inaccurate, and we didn't see the rain today that we thought.  As of now, the race is ON!  And I'm READY!  And NERVOUS!  And CONFIDENT!  And ANXIOUS!  And STOKED!

Most of all, and most importantly, I feel prepared mentally and physically.

So here is my plan.  You'll notice it is SIMPLE!

Swim:  Get to the right and get my heart rate down and under control as quickly as possible.  Once I get to the first buoy, I start swimming with the current, and should be in a good rhythm.  Nice and easy pace.  Walk, don't run, to transition.  I'm not worried about time AT ALL today.  This is FAR MORE than my body has ever attempted to do.  Crossing the finish line IS winning!

Bike:  Don't feel like I'm working hard, and just find a nice easy spin.  Look at this portion in 5 segments of 11 or so miles each.  I will be getting off every 11 miles to stretch, hydrate, get the heck off of my seat, and take some nutrition.  There is a great chance we will be riding in the rain and strong winds.  Don't let this part overwhelm me...

Run:  Simple.  There is an aid station every mile, so just jog between them, and walk through and get hydration and nutrition.  Nice easy pace.  Don't be afraid to walk some if I feel cramps or issues coming on.

Ok!  HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My heart might be slowly breaking

Well, after a good night's sleep, the weather forecast is still poo for tomorrow.  Very poo.  I might have put months of effort into a single day, and have nothing on that day to show for it :((

Strong chance of rain and storms.  All day.  Possibly severe.  The only day with that in the 10-day forecast.  REALLY, GOD???

I spent a lot of time last night and this morning praying for better weather, but mostly spent time coming to grips with God being bigger than my first 70.3, and I'll take that all day long.  I still have hope....I never lose that!

Harold and I got up and had breakfast, then went for a quick ride and jog.  A WINDY ride and jog!

On the way out, we averaged just under 20mph with barely any effort.  That always feels great, except when you think about the fact that you'll be turning around soon and facing it!

On the way back in, we averaged about 13mph.  OUCH!  And we had to WORK for that!  I said it was windy, right??

Overall, around a 15.5 average for just over 36 minutes.

We worked smarter on the jog.  We went out into the wind for 8.5 minutes, then turned to have it with us on the way back in.  We ended up with a nice and easy run, very comfortable pace, and averaged 9:13 for just under 16 minutes total.

Now, we just spend the day waiting on ole Mother Nature, waiting to see if my heart breaks.......

Road trip!!

Harold and I made the trip to Galveston yesterday.  Drive was an easy 6 hours, and everything was smooth.  Our hotel is right along the beach, and we have a great view from our balcony!

We headed to check in and got our packets, our bags, and hit the ironman store.  I picked up a few fun things, plus something for Kelly, seeing as how she is my number 1 fan!!!

It was pretty cool walking in and seeing everything.  It helped getting to lay my eyes on the swim course and some of the run course.  Confidence is building.  And the bonus is that Harold and I are literally 5 feet from each other in transition!

We ate a good seafood dinner at Landry's, then headed out to drive the bike course.  By out, I mean WAAAAAAAAAY out.  28 miles out.  3 or 4 different cities out.  Paid a $2 toll to cross a freaking bridge TWICE to a total jerkface toll collector out.  I said OUT, right?  You get the point....

It was a very long course, on only 1 road, but that's ok.  That's just what you gotta do in a 70.3, right?!?!

A quick stop to the store and a shower, and it was off to night night land.  One day closer....

.....well, possibly.  Weather might be a problem.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finishing strong

I'm getting so excited about Sunday!!!

Harold and I swam this past Sunday.  I ended up doing 1150 in just over 20 minutes of consecutive swimming.  Felt very good.

Then Monday the crappy weather left me having to get on my trainer (which I now have grown to hate) for a 75 minute ride.

Today, we swam 800 yards in under 15 minutes, then rode 49 minutes averaging just over 17mph.  The last half of our ride was in a pretty strong headwind!

Now it's time to be sure the laundry is all done, start gathering everything, etc, so I have plenty of time to not feel rushed and make sure I don't forget anything!

I'm so ready for Sunday to get here and to DO THIS!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Starting to wind it down

What a BEAUTIFUL day outside today!  As I enter the final week before the race, I am starting to ease up on the workouts to taper down and be rested up.

One of the challenges I sometimes face is when I have my kiddos but need to get a workout in.  Thank God for trainers and their bikes!

Today I set my bike up on my trainer out in my driveway in the sun for a nice 60 minute spin.  That way I could get my ride in and still spend time with my beautiful babies!

Upon finishing the ride, I changed into my running shoes and we hit the streets of the neighborhood.  Me on foot and them on their bikes.  A nice and easy 20 minute jog.  I loved how much they were smiling and loving spending that time riding around the neighborhood with me as I jogged.  It's the little things in life that matter most to me...

I have really not been able to slow myself down in my running for the past month, but I was able to today.  I wanted to be at a 10:00/mile pace today at the fastest, and ended up at 10:07/mile.  That was really good for me, because keeping a nice slower pace next Sunday is something I really want to do. My biggest goals are to control my heart rate, stay hydrated, have the proper amount of nutrition, and stay mentally engaged and strong.  Keep pressing forward is the name of the game---NOT how fast I do it!

Guess it's way too late to turn back now!!!!!

Almost there

It's hard to believe that a week from right now I will be in Galveston, a day from race day!  Truthfully, I'm nervous, excited, anxious, scared, confident, determined, and so many other emotions all at the same time....

I had a good 2 hour trainer ride on Thursday.  Today I will ride for an hour or so, followed by a 20-30 minute easy jog.  Then swim tomorrow.  A lot of what I'm doing now is also mentally going over my race, nutrition, etc.  

My body is feeling good, but I'm also at times feeling some fatigue from all that I'm putting on it.  I've never done this much in my life, then couple that with work, marriage, kids, etc, etc, and it definitely adds up.

I look very forward to just finishing this and then coming back and working on getting stronger and quicker after a few days of rest!

Off to my Saturday!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Jog time

I went on a jog today.  I decided to go a different direction than I normally go.  This was a great call!  It was hillier than I'm used to, but it was great going a direction that offered new sights and scenery.

I intended on doing right at a 10:00/mile pace for about 60 minutes.  So 6 miles.

I started off well, keeping myself slow, feeling good.  At mile 1, I was right on track.  And that was the only time!  I just decided to not look at my watch, but rather find a good comfortable pace, and just hold it for each 9 minute jog.

I ended up doing 6 miles in right under 58 minutes, at a 9:39/mile pace.

Now I'm hoping to fall asleep soon and get up for a 6am speed workout with the fellas!  No promises though!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Putting it all together

Friday was a shorter workout, yet still taxing.  I did 15 minutes swimming, fast and consecutively, followed by a 15 minute run.  I'm not sure how far I went in the water, but I know I did my 15 minute run at an 8:28/mile pace.  That's QUICK for me.

Today was a triathlon!  Harold and I did 30 minutes in the pool, followed by a 90 minute ride, then 30 minute jog.  My main focus today was hydration, nutrition, and heart rate.  Based on how I felt when I finished, I'd say I had a good workout.

This was my first wetsuit swim, and I covered 1700 yards in the 30 minutes.  That's consecutive swimming, no breaks.  After a quick transition, I got out and covered 24.69 miles in 1:28.35.  I did it at a 16.72mph pace.  The second half of my ride was a tad slower as I was already thinking about conserving for my jog.

I had a very quick second transition, and got out for my jog on a good pace.  My legs felt pretty good, and I was going harder than I think I will in Galveston, but I figured that should be ok with just the 30 minute run as opposed to 13.1 miles.  I ended up doing 3.25 miles, and covered that at a 9:10 pace.  My running is definitely getting better!

It was a great confidence builder today, especially that swim.  I truly feel like the ride and run will be very manageable once I get my pasty white butt out of that water!!!

Almost there...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting closer!

Been a decent week thus far.  Monday, I swam 2000 yards.  I did 2x400, then 6x200, with 45 seconds rest between each one.  I felt sluggish, and not as good as I did the last time I swam, but I got it done, and that's all that matters.  In Galveston, I'm going to feel a HUGE amount of relief once I emerge from the water!

Tonight, I got me a 7.5 mile jog in at 9:42/mile pace.  Honestly, I tried to go slower, but my body just wasn't having it!

I'm hoping to swim tomorrow, have a nice easy ride Friday, then do some sort of my own triathlon Saturday.  It will probably consist of a 30 minute swim, 35-40 mile bike, and a 7-8 mile jog.  YOWZERS!!!!!!  THAT will be the most my body has EVER done at one time!  But it will be great practice for April 6!

Almost there...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bright and early

Got up just after 6am and was on the road jogging by 6:30.  I wanted to do around 6 miles at a faster pace than normal, then a 1/2 mile or so cool down.  I ended up doing 5.98 miles in 52:38, which was a 8:47 pace.  For me, that is FAST!  That is still doing the 9/1 method.  Then I did about a 3/4 mile slow cool down jog.  All before 8am.  That's how I like to do it.  Get my stuff done while the rest of the city is sleeping.  In the dark!

I won't lie, though.  The first two words initially that went through my mind as my alarm went off were DEDICATION SUCKS!  Lol.  I quickly got over that, and was on my way to a good workout :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Catching back up

Been a great week back at home!  We got home late Monday night.  LATE Monday night!  That has been a bit of a challenge to get past, but I'm about there.  The vacation with my best friend to such a beautiful place was well worth it :))

Wednesday I got in a nice brick.  I did 90 minutes on my trainer, followed by a 75 minute jog.  I did 7.67 miles at a 9:46 pace.  Coming off the bike and doing that I was very pleased.  That would have been unthinkable a year ago!

I went to swim Thursday around 6pm, but the pool was full of REALLY good swimmers, and I decided to wait until today to go.  I got in today and was going to do 1600 in the pool, 200x8.  I ended up doing 2100 though, which I was excited about.  I did 9x200 and then 1x300 to finish, with 30 seconds between each one.

I was a bit frustrated tonight as I set out to do an hour on my bike, as something didn't feel right in my quads, and seeing as how my jog in the morning is more important to me, as well as my brick on Monday, I shut it down within a few miles and headed home.  I was just going to do the ride because I could, not because it was an intense workout, or necessary, or anything like that.  I never like when I don't do something I wanted or set out to do, but I also realize that listening to my body is THE most important thing, and therefore I'm at peace with it.  I'm in this for the long haul.  For health.  For fitness.  NOT to set records or win anything!

Well, that's where we are.  The 70.3 is 3 weeks from Sunday!!!  HOLY CRAP!!!!!!

I'm ready to do this....

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Slow week

Well, my new bike is awesome, but the newer positioning has left some soreness in my back.  I got a trainer ride or two in this week, but that was it.  Seeing as how Kelly and I were getting ready to go skiing, a sore back was NOT an option!  I'm excited to get back from vacation and hit it hard!

But as I write this, I am sitting in a Starbucks in Whistler Village, and this place is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!  The views and sights are amazing and breathtaking!

Day one of skiing was good.  I only hit the ground a few times, and seeing as how I basically have skied one day in my life, and that was over two years ago, I'm VERY pleased with that.  I did wake up today with some freakishly sore legs, so today might have a few more breaks built in.  My quads were screaming at me by 1pm, and I assure you that my legs will be stronger upon returning home than they were when I left!

My beers of choice in Canada so far are a Canadian and also Kokanee.  Both are light and go down smooth!

Alright, time to drink this skinny latte, and then get ready for another day in paradise!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good:
I was able to get a good 90 minute trainer ride in tonight. I kept a good, strong, and consistent pace up the whole time.  I needed that, especially after being sick the past few days.  My fat old body was CRAVING exercise!

The bad:
I was unable to run this morning.  The first reason was that I left my bag with my running stuff in Kelly's car, and she and it were at my sister's house.  The other reason, and biggest reason, is discussed next....

The ugly:
THE WEATHER WAS TERRIBLE!  When I went to bed, the forecast for 6:30am was 60ish and 50% chance of rain.  The reality was 32, felt 20, with 20mph winds out of the north.  Even if I had my stuff, there's no way in hell I'd have gone out in that, ESPECIALLY on the tail end of this cold!

I'm ready for a strong week of training now!!!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Training isn't always positive...

Well, the last two days have been frustrating. I was planning on jogging 6 miles last night, then riding and swimming today. A cold set in though, and my runny nose, sneezing, and coughing are NOT a good thing. I feel like it's passing, and I'm planning to give myself one more day of rest to make sure that it does! With our family traveling tomorrow, I am hoping that I feel well enough to get 8-9 miles in on Sunday morning, followed by a trainer ride for 90 minutes later that day once we get back home. I hate feeling like I am in a good groove and then have it slowed down, but I also know that pushing when I'm not healthy is flat out stupid. I guess we will hope that my next report will be Sunday evening, and I will have had a good run and ride by then!!! I just wanna FINISH Galveston.........

AND a few more from Run The Line (crappy quality as they are pics taken of pics!)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More "Run The Line" pics---before and then down the stretch approaching the finish!!!

That was freaking COLD!!!

Today was one of those days that you get to understand what commitment is all about. After work, I decided that since I will be gone and can't get a brick in on Saturday, I would get a quick one in today. The bad part though---it was sub 40 degrees! I was doing the same strategy on the bike (a good constant spin, not pressing too hard), and got me 24 miles in at a 17.23 mph pace. I originally planned on doing 3-4 miles after, but seeing as how I couldn't feel my toes and was blowing snot out left and right, I decided a 2-mile jog was more appropriate! I did that (with no walking) at a 9:21 pace. All in all, a workout I was pleased with. The funniest part about today to me is that I was calling myself some very derogatory names while riding around in frigid/windy weather. Like I said though---I'm commited. No turning back now!!!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

A good swim

I had a good swim today.  I did 15 x 100's, taking 20 seconds rest up to the first 10, then 15 seconds rest between the remaining reps.

In spite of the fact that I'm a jacked up mess in regards to my form in the water from the waist down, I feel very effortless overall, and was blessed with a great teacher for my one swimming lesson!  I felt really great at the end, and that continues to build the kind of confidence that I need.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A shout out and a thank you

One of the biggest things I have learned in triathlon is that somedays motivation is easier than others. You find yourself digging DEEP at times.  You also find that you surround yourself with people that motivate and encourage you.  You have to.  It really isn't even an option.

I am extremely blessed to be surrounded by great friends that encourage me and teach me in this sport.  My family is also VERY encouraging and supportive.  My wife is my #1 fan.  NONE of this could happen or would matter without her love and support.  I can't even express in words how thankful I am for that.

Today though, I want to give thanks to someone I have never even met.  I stumbled across her blog a week or two ago, and I've found myself going back often.  Once you start by reading her Dec 31, Feb 5, and Feb 16 posts, as well as go under her race reports and read the first 4 listed, you'll understand why.  You'll go back, too.

I literally laughed out loud AND cried tears from the emotions I had while reading some of the things  on her site.  Especially the 70.3 and 140.6 recaps.  I've found myself experience all sorts of thoughts and feelings.  And to be quite honest, in a sport where it can be hard to come by at times, I've been VERY motivated to keep pressing forward.

So I just want to say a personal and heart-felt THANK YOU to SwimBikeMom!  Check out her site if you get a chance.  In fact, MAKE time for it.  If your heart is open to it, you will be moved....and not just in triathlon, but in life!

An encouraging ride

I decided that for today's ride I wanted to try simulating the plan I think I will be following in Galveston for the ride portion.  Basically, I planned to ride 40 miles, just a nice continuous (not pushing too hard) pace, stopping for 2-3 minutes every 10 miles to take a gu and drink some water, and to give my sensitive areas a rest from the seat!  I was hoping to stay at worst between 15.5 - 16 mph for my average today.  I figure that for the 56 mile ride in April, I can stop every 11 miles and follow this same plan.  Again, I am focused on just finishing this first time, not pushing too hard, since it will be the first time my old body has done a 70.3!

Today started well.  I stopped according to plan at mile 10.  At one hour, I was averaging 16.9 mph.  At mile 20, things were still rolling along perfectly.  I was feeling good overall.  I was envisioning having completed the swim and also was thinking about what it will be like getting off the bike and doing a 13.1 mile jog.  

The wind today was a little brutal.  The third set of 10 miles was by far the toughest!  I was mainly riding into a strong headwind.  It sucked.  In fact, it sucked BAD!  Truth be told, twice during this stretch I found myself literally SCREAMING out of hatred for the wind!  Loudly.  Even freaked myself out a little.  It just happened!

I stopped at mile 30 for my regular pit stop.  I knew that if I could get past the next 3-4 miles, I would be out of the BRUTAL headwind.  I also realized another important thing at this stop---chaffing SUCKS.  And HURTS!  I will be better prepared for this part next time :)  

So on I went.  I still was pacing myself the rest of the way, but found myself wanting to go harder and faster once I knew I was within a few miles of my finish.  I had to hold myself back, but I knew it was what I needed to do.  

I ended up doing 42.2 miles.  It took me 2:28:34.  I averaged 17.04 mph. 

I was very pleased, as well as encouraged, by today's ride.  It gives me even more confidence heading into Galveston.  I found myself even more excited about April 6 when I got off of my bike today.  That was a GREAT takeaway.

My other big takeaway is how much respect people that work hard toward their passions.  I passed at least 7 different runners and 2 other riders.  It is always extra motivating to see other people who are dedicated and MAKE time to invest in their health.  

All in all, a great weekend.  Now I'm ready for an AWESOME week! 


Well, right now one week ago, I was getting ready to start Run The Line. The funny thing about triathlon is that once a race is over, it's over, and your focus shifts to whatever is next on your calendar. So looking ahead, 6 weeks from today I will be getting ready to start Galveston 70.3, my first half-ironman! I have SO much to do in the coming weeks!

After Monday's swim, all I got in before the weekend was a 30-minute jog in Sulphur Springs on Wednesday evening. My legs were still in recovery mode, so I just wanted a slow jog. I did right at a 9:57 pace, which was fine. The last third of the run my legs felt dead.

Friday was going to be a swim with Harold. We were planning to do a brick Saturday around 1pm, so swimmimg at 5pm Friday would give us enough rest time to be ready. As we were about to get into the pool to swim (I was actually standing there waist deep in the water), we decided that we would brave the cold Saturday morning at 7am to go ahead and get our workout out of the way. We opted for a beer on my back patio for Friday's workout instead :)

Saturday morning was pretty chilly, but we were dressed for the weather. It was right around 40 degrees when I took off on my bike from my house toward Harold's. It is around 1.75 miles from my house to his. We took off and warmed up for 20 minutes, followed by an interval workout--5 minutes hard, 5 minutes rest. Harold looked great on the bike. He was all kinds of awesome. Me on the other hand, I am not as much a fan of these workouts yet. I think it is mostly because of two things. The first is that I am still very new with them, so it is different for me. The second reason is my overall mindset. I have been operating with the mindset that all I want to do is finish these races, so my focus is not on speed. It is on breathing, nutrition, and sometimes actually CONSERVING energy to be sure the tank isn't empty for my run at the end. There will be a day that my mind flips out of that thinking, but I'm just not there yet, and I am ok with that.

I did manage to get my first fall on my new bike out of the way yesterday. As I was turning after our first interval, my front tire found a bit of gravel, and as it was turning, the gravel helped accelerate that turn, and SPLAT--down I went. I'm fine, and the bike is fine, and now I've fallen twice. Both unseen by anyone else.

After just over 19 miles on the bike for our workout, we quickly transitioned and got out on a 30 minute jog. The beginning of this was the toughest part of our morning, as our feet were numb from the cold! I literally could not feel at least two toes on each foot for the first half or so of my jog. But we finished, and I did it at a 9:33 pace.

The great thing about this to me is that a year ago, this workout would have put me on my butt the rest of the day, but this year, I felt great. My body is ready for much more. I feel very confident that I can go and pace myself and ride the 56 miles and then jog the 13.1 once I get out of the water. Once I get out of the water, I will be prepared mentally and physically to pace myself. We just have to get out of the water! But I am very confident about accomplishing that, too. I just want to finish....

Monday, February 17, 2014

Too sore to run or ride....

So I swam today!  Just 1200 yards though.  3x400.  It's funny though, because last year at this time, preparing for the 325 yard indoor pool swim coming up in Athens was keeping me awake some at night!  Funny what a difference a year can make....

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My buddy, Monty Murry, finishes in 1:45:07---IN A SUIT!!!

Run The Line 2014 Pics

Run The Line Half-Marathon 2014 Results

Run The Line 2014 Recap

Well, my first half-marathon has come and gone. WHAT A DAY!

As far as the race itself, I was pleased overall. I felt good at the start, made sure to start slow, and was on my way. I started off the first mile or so with my buddy Stephen Dumas (also a first time half-marathoner) that I have spent some time running with over the last month or so. He finished ahead of me by a few minutes, and I couldn't be happier for him or prouder of him!

I was rolling along well overall, and comfortably under my 10 minute per mile goal, until both quads started feeling crampish around mile 9. That sucked. Fortunately, I knew my wife and two of my kids were handing out water and nutrition around mile 11, so I just put it in cruise control to get there, and figured my body and I could come to terms on some sort of agreement for the last couple of miles then. After sloppily and quickly kissing my bride and my 9-year old daughter, and a quick howdy to my son, I was just worried about finishing, and was picking my spots to get a little extra burst. It was so great to see the mile 12 marker, knowing I was in the home stretch, and then getting towards downtown and hearing and seeing the crowd of people. I crossed the finish line in 2:08:38. A 9:49 per mile pace. Both goals ACCOMPLISHED!!!

And my day didn't stop there. Because I have been DYING to get on my new bike, I ended up riding (a painful) 18 miles at just under a 16mph pace in the late afternoon. There's a decent chance my decision making should be SERIOUSLY questioned, and EVEN MORE of a chance that I won't be able to walk tomorrow!

The biggest takeaways for me today are that I'm lucky to be staying healthy this past year with all I have been putting this big ole body through, that I am SO blessed and fortunate to have such GREAT support from family and friends (ESPECIALLY MY WIFE!), and that I continue to find that if I will put the work and effort in, my body will give me more and more. Alright Galveston 70.3----YOU'RE NEXT!!!!!!

Race Day

My first 13.1 is less than 2 hours from starting, and I figured I should write what I'm thinking now instead of remember it after!  I slept decent, but was awake thinking a lot.  I'm an idiot like that.  I KNOW I'm prepared, but still, with anything new comes extra thought.

My ONLY goals for this are to finish and finish at under a 10 minute per mile pace.  Two weeks ago I said finish and finish under a 10:15 pace.  Lol.  But the MOST important part is just finishing!

At this point all I'm still finalizing how much to wear, what to eat for breakfast that won't make me want to poop all over the course, and whether or not I want to listen to music.  Pretty sure I'm decided on 2 of the 3, but I'd better finalize all of that quickly! we go!